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Esquire Plaza

Esquire Plaza 1 & 2 

Our Esquire Plaza 1 & 2 are located right on Bedford highway, known as the former Esquire Motel. This motel was primarily used by the travelling public as it was along the historic Bedford Highway, which served as a link between western Nova Scotia and the city of Halifax.

After significant renovations being made into upgrading the entire building both internally & externally as well as the surrounding property to better serve the interests of the public.  Many aspects of the original structure have been maintained and incorporated with modern day touches. 

Today, the Esquire Plaza is compromised of over 24 commercial based units, totalling at over 25,000 square feet of prime commercial space.  Within the new plaza, you'll be able to find boutique store fronts home to restaurants, takeout, spas/salon’s and more.

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Voyageur Lakes Plaza

Voyageur Lakes Plaza

Voyageur Lakes Plaza is the most recent commercial space coming to Hammonds Plains, with over 20,000 square feet of prime frontage and surplus parking space, this plaza will soon be home to over a dozen small and medium sized business’ serving the Hammonds Plains Community.

For more information please call 902.493.3020 or email

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